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If you have to ask "Do I need an attorney?", chances are you do. We are here to help.

We're going to ask you a series of questions to try and best suit your needs. This will include questions about your legal issues and current financial situation (in case we need to refer you to legal aid). Please answer honestly, as this information will be relayed to the attorneys who will be seeing this information.

Full Disclosure

Do we get paid by attorneys to get referrals? No. Attorneys may pay us for other services (such as document generating), but all attorneys are welcome to join the eLegal Network without paying a dime.

If I need to pay to hire an attorney, do you get part of my fees because you put the attorney and I in contact with each other? Absolutely not. The arrangement between you and your attorney is none of our business, nor do we take a portion of any fees you pay your attorney.

Do I have to pay you for this service? No. In fact this particular part of the eLegal Network has discrete ads that you may be interested in, like the following:

See, that wasn't so bad. Let's get started by clicking the button below:

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